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Advances in Immunotherapy

Tuesday 30 May, 6pm  

The Italian Medical Society of Great Britain presents  

Advances in Immunotherapy  

Welcome by Lorenzo Garagnani, IMSoGB President. Scientific Symposium moderated by Teresa Marafioti (IMSoGB ) and David J Pinato.  


Immunotherapy and Drug Development in Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Dr David J Pinato Consultant Medical Oncologist, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Director of Developmental Therapeutics at Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London.

Firefighting the Wrong Type of Inflammation in Tumors for Cancer Immunotherapy by Prof Ignacio Melero Professor of Immunology, Co-director of Immunology and Immunotherapy, Universidad de Navarra , Senior Oncology Consultant, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Spain.

Engineering Immune Cells for Treatment of Haematological Malignancies by Prof Brunangelo Falini Professor of Haematology, Member of the International Lymphoma Study Group (ILSG) and of the Clinical Advisory Committees for the WHO classification of Lympho-Haematopoietic Tumours