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Andrea Camilleri: The Devil’s Smell

The Devil Smell – Camilleri
The Devil Smell - Camilleri

A tribute to the late writer, creator of beloved Commissario Montalbano: 15 renowned Italian and English cartoonists come together to illustrate the short story L’odore del diavolo by Andrea Camilleri.


Webinar: Andrea Camilleri’s The Devil Smell adapted into comics from ICI London on Vimeo.

Fenati has put together the work of fifteen comic book artists and graphic novelists to create a short story in comics, adapted from the novella by Andrea Camilleri L’odore del diavolo, first published in 1998 in the collection “A month with Montalbano”.

Drawing on his experience on the 2018 adaptation of Simonetta Agnello Hornby’s best-selling novel La Mennulara (“The Almond Picker”), Fenati converted Camilleri’s short story into a comics’ script, tasking each of the cartoonists with the illustration of one single page. The result is surprising and wonderful.

The selected cartoonists are some of the most important new generation Italian ones, together with some very renowned British ones: Sergio Algozzino, Paolo Bacillieri, Alessandro Baronciani, Lorena Canottiere, Thomas Campi, Daniel Cuello, Matthew Dooley, Massimo Fenati, Gulio Macaione, Federico Manzone, Jon McNaught, Andrea Serio, Posy Simmonds, Alessandro Tota, Lucas Varela.