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Capitalism, Stem Cells and Graphene: three examples of excellent research in the UK funded by the European Research Council

On the occasion of the Italian Research Day in the World (second edition)

An event in collaboration with the Italian Embassy of London, the European Research Council and AIS UK.

Opening remarks by HE Raffaele Trombetta, Italian Ambassador to the UK

The Italian Cultural Institute is delighted to host three promising Italian researchers who will present in details the excellent results of their studies, funded by the European Research Council.


The three talks will be given by ERC winners:

Maria Fusaro (University of Exeter): Comparing Early Modern Europe Varieties of Capitalism.

Andrea Ferrari (University of Cambridge): Applications of Graphene and Related Materials.

Paola Bonfanti (The Francis Crick Institute & University College London): Epithelial Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine.