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Elisa Montessori: Dafne and the Butterflies

The Italian Cultural Institute in London is pleased to host the exhibition “Dafne and the Butterflies”, by Italian artist and painter Elisa Montessori in the Project Room. The 14 works displayed belong to a private collection and are for the first time open to the public on this occasion. Coherent with the rest of her opus, these works are inspired in colours and techniques by the Asian culture, with a particular focus on the delicate butterflies and the famous classic myth on Daphne.

Elisa Montessori was born in Genoa in 1931 but worked most of her life in Trastevere, Rome, where her varied and multifaceted artistic journey has been constantly developing in dialogue with international tendencies, avant-gardes and deepening the relationship between images and text, especially in Anglophone literature.