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Encounters: across sciences and humanities

30 November 2022 – 1 March 2023


We are thrilled to host Encounters, a new series of conversations co-organized by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in London, to explore how experts in the natural, social and human sciences approach extremely relevant and urgent topics. Each conversation will focus on one overarching theme. Approaching them from the perspective of their specific knowledge and expertise, each speaker will provide a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities the theme presents in their field: the conversations are open to everyone, and no prior knowledge is expected.

The six Encounters will focus of the following themes, booking links will be available two weeks prior to the event:

Wednesday 30 November 2022: Complexity with Carla Molteni (KCL) and Luca Vigano’ (KCL)

Wednesday 7 December 2022: Modelling with Filippo Giorgi (ICTP) and Paolo Vineis (Imperial)

Wednesday 1 February 2023: Predictability with Simona Bordoni (Univ. Trento) and Howard Bowman (Univ. Birmingham)

Wednesday 15 February 2023: Transformation with Nicola Armaroli (CNR/ISOF) and Anna Savaresi (Univ. Stirling)

Wednesday 1 March, 2023: Justice with Alessandra Sannella (Univ. Cassino) and Federica Pedriali (Univ. Edinburgh)

Tuesday 9 May 2023: Uncertainty with Roberto Maiolino (Univ. Cambridge) and Maurizio Ferraris (Univ. Turin)


Please find the whole programme, with details HERE