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FASHION DIALOGUES #3. Benedetta Barzini in conversation with Matteo Augello


FASHION DIALOGUES is a series of conversations exploting the centrality fashion has for Italian culture and society. Fashion historian Matteo Augello presents unique voices in the industry, covering topics such as journalism, modelling, curation, styling, and emerging talents.

The third event features Benedetta Barzini, researcher, model, author, actor, and lecturer. Since starting her modelling career during the 1960s and throughout her extensive teaching activity in Italy, Barzini has questioned the representation of women in the fashion industry. In 2019, her son Beniamino created a raw and intimate portrait of Barzini in the documentary film The Disappearance of My Mother, which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival.

FASHION DIALOGUES #3 is a rare chance to converse with Barzini, who will share her observations with the audience, challenging how we think and use fashion in today’s society.

Book HERE.

Matteo Augello is a fashion historian and lecturer based in London. His first monograph – Curating Italian Fashion: Heritage, Industry, Institutions – was published by Bloomsbury in 2022 and investigates the importance of corporate sponsorships and institutions in the history of fashion exhibitions in Italy.

  • Organizzato da: ICI London