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Few Events, Total Happiness

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Wednesday 19 June, 6.30pm

Few Events, Total Happiness

Scenes from a Marriage 

We are delighted to present the stage reading of a play by poet and author Maria Grazia Calandrone, which has been translated into English by Antonella Lettieri, specifically for this occasion.  

Second of two events dedicated to Maria Grazia Calandrone: on Tuesday 18 June at 6.30, the author in conversation with Rosie Goldsmith and Antonella Lettieri presents her book Your Little Matter, recently published in English by Little Foundry. All details HERE

Maria Grazia Calandrone imagines the last time Clara Schumann sees her beloved husband, the composer Robert, the day before his death. Clara is on the stage first: she is visiting her husband at the psychiatric hospital where he’s been staying. She talks to him, offers him some food and little by little is overcome by the intimacy of their relationship, and by the memories, the hours, the places and the episodes of love that, more and more flustered, she shares with Robert. In Clara’s words, at her husband’s bedside, we hear the human and spiritual adventure of a predestined encounter, where the voice of music alone keeps alive and excruciating the presence/absence of Robert, by now reduced to silence.

Stage reading by actress Gaia de Laurentis

Music by Trio Estrio: Cecilia Radic, Laura Gorna and Laura Manzini

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