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Gaeta: an important touristic and cultural destination

Comune di Gaeta with the Mayor Cosmo Mitrano, the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT), the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and the Italian Cultural Institute in London are pleased to present Gaeta’s cultural and historical beauties as well as some of its gastronomic delights.

Set between Rome and Naples amid the so-called Ulysses Riviera, Gaeta overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea
The city was a popular and sofisticated destination since the days of the Roman Empire.
Nearby sites include the first-century BC mausoleum of general Lucius Munatius Plancus. 
The old town is mostly medieval, showcased by narrow alleys, the massive 13th-century castle and the 12th-century Cathedral of Assunta e Sant’Erasmo.

Programme of the evening
5:45pm – Guests’ registration
6:00pm – Presentation of Gaeta and its attractions followed by Q&A
7:00pm – Food and wine tasting with Gaeta’s specialties
After the tasting, every guest will receive a goody bag with one tiella, wine, oil, olive pate and biscuits

Special Guest: Davide Orlando, chef of «Il Follaro» Restaurant (Gaeta)
Sponsored by Ciccariello Winery, Conad Gaeta-Formia, Cosmo Di Russo–Azienda Agricola, Antonio Di Ciaccio–Pasticceria artigianale, Gaeta Hotels, Intergroup.



  • Organizzato da: Comune di Gaeta
  • In collaborazione con: ICI London, ENIT, Agenzia ICE