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La più bella del mondo – The most beautiful in the world #5

10 talks on the Italian language

“The most beautiful in the world” is supposed to be a supermodel and yet in Italy the expression is more often than not used to define Italian language. Is Italian truly the most beautiful language in the world? It is commonplace, due to either italophilia or nationalism, but is it only this?

A series led by Dr Stefano Jossa, author of La più bella del mondo. Perché amare la lingua italiana (Einaudi) and Reader in Italian at Royal Holloway University of London, will explore the relationships between Italian and other languages, the Italian words that have become key to interpret our contemporary world, the various languages of arts, music, technology, economy and politics.

Event in Italian with simultaneous translation in English


Tuesday 2 April, 7pm

La più bella del mondo – The most beautiful in the world #5

Multilingualism, Immigration and the Effects on Italian language

Dr Stefano Jossa and Prof Francesco Goglia in conversation

The consecutive waves of large-scale immigration, EU free movement and rapid globalisation have increased linguistic diversity across Western Europe. To what extent has Italian been affected by all this? Francesco Goglia, the recipient of the British Academy grant on ‘Emerging Multilingualism in Italy’ and a Leverhulme Research Fellowship on ‘Onward migration from Italy to the UK: sociolinguistic implications’, will present the results of his ongoing research on multilingualism, language maintenance and shift in immigrant communities. In conversation with SJ.

Francesco Goglia is Senior Lecturer in Italian at the University of Exeter. He specialises in multilingualism, language maintenance and shift in immigrant communities. He has lead the Leverhulme International Network Grant ‘Shifting sociolinguistic realities in the nation of East Timor and its Diasporas’ which brought together scholars from different disciplines, based in Europe, Timor-Leste and Australia. He is currently working on the forthcoming co-edited volume ‘Italian(s) abroad: Italian language and migration in cities of the world’ together with Prof. John Hajek (University of Melbourne).

  • Organizzato da: ICI London