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The Sound Between – Pinuccio Sciola: Art, Form and Sound

The Sound Between is dedicated to the renowned Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola and to the relations between sculpture, shape and sound in his works.

Developed by Indòru – Boutique del Suono in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in London, Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission and Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola and funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, The Sound Between is focused on Pietre Sonore (Sounding Stones), the sculptures Pinuccio Sciola created from 1996, to unveil the dynamism of sound hidden in a material traditionally confined to visual perception.


Pinuccio Sciola: Art, Form and Sound
My time has no time – Pinuccio Sciola’s life, art and masterpieces

Presented by Giulia Pilloni and Federica Collu, the event will explore Pinuccio Sciola’s career.
His first solo exhibition was held at “23 Gallery” in Sassari (Sardinia) in 1966. A couple of years later, he transformed his native village, San Sperate, in an Open Air Museum inspired by his social and artistical experience of murales. Not only was his artistic talent broadly recognised in Italy (for instance, he attended the Venice Biennale in 1976), but also he organized a touring exbitions in Germany during the period 1986-1987. His final project, The Sounding Stones, buit in 1996, was displayed in Como (2001), Assisi (2003) and Rome (2016). During the lecture there will be a contribution by Andrea Granitzio who will talk about the relationship between sound and stones.
The evening will close with the screening of the multi-awarded documentary Born of Stone by Emilio Bellu, introduced by the director.




Giulia Pilloni studied at the University of Cagliari, where she graduated with a thesis on Pinuccio Sciola and his work between the 60s and 90s. Her research concentrated on those three decades during which the artist gained international recognition, subsequently reaffirmed by his renowned work Sounding Stones in the early 90s. She currently carries on her research work with the Foundations PS Museum and Pinuccio Sciola, which look after the Giardino Sonoro (Sounding Garden) in San Sperate and the artist’s Open Air Museum, organise cultural events, curate the Archive and file the sculptor’s works.

Federica Collu started collaborating at the Giardino Sonoro PS Museum in San Sperate in 2015 thanks to a university internship. She graduated in History and Society at the University of Cagliari in 2018. She currently continues to work at Pinuccio Sciola’s open-air museum, taking care of children and disabled, attending specific courses on museum accessibility at the Paideia Foundation in Turin.

Emilio Bellu is an award winning director writer, director and photographer from Cagliari, Italy, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. His work has been shown in various international film festivals, and he has worked for SKODA, Armani, Brainzone and Prague Shakespeare Company. He’s the founder and Creative Director of Quantum Kitten, and Co-Chairman and Head of Media Production at Go Think Initiative. He has also worked for more than a decade as a journalist in his native Italy.

  • Organizzato da: ICI London
  • In collaborazione con: Indoru, Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola