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Riveting Italian Readings

Thursday 7 April, 6pm  
Riveting Italian Readings  
An evening of readings to celebrate the launch of new literary magazine The Italian Riveter  


The Riveter’s Editor-in-Chief and Director of the European Literature Network, Rosie Goldsmith will host a series of ‘riveting readings’ from the magazine by contributors and lovers of Italian prose and poetry.

Italian literature, translation and publishing are riding the crest of a wave in Italy and in the UK, not only thanks to the enormous success of Elena Ferrante but thanks to a whole host of other exciting names, as well as the parallel growth in the visibility of Italian-English translators. The Italian Riveter magazine both reflects and promotes these exciting developments with extracts, interviews, features and reviews.

The Italian Riveter is a labour of great love created by a great number of writers, translators, reviewers and publishers. It is made possible thanks to the joint funding of the three Italian Cultural Institutes of London, Edinburgh and Dublin. It is the tenth magazine of European literature in translation to be published by the European Literature Network and is available free, in print and online. Everyone attending the ICI event on 7th April will be able to pick up their magazine in person. Details of how to obtain your copy, if you are unable to attend the launch, will be shared on the websites of the European Literature Network and the Italian Cultural Institutes.

Please note, the European Literature Network will film The Riveting Italian Readings event and release it subsequently as a free video on its dedicated YouTube channel.

All enquiries about the Riveter magazine and the European Literature Network to: 



The Italian Cultural Institute will not admit anyone showing covid-19 symptoms such as a continuous cough, a cold and a temperature. You are strongly invited to wear face covering during events, maintain social distancing and use wall-unit sanitizers, as a matter of courtesy to the clinically vulnerable. We keep windows open whenever possible to ensure ventilation and thoroughly clean our rooms before and after each event. Thank you for your co-operation.