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Summer Film Nights: The 27 Club (Il Club dei 27) by Mateo Zoni

This is the seventh film in our series ‘Summer Film Nights’, dedicated to contemporary Italian cinema and young talented directors.

07/08 The Complexity of Happiness
14/08 There is a Light
21/08 The Ploy
28/08 In Top Form? No, Thank You!
04/09 The Start up
11/09 Il colore della fatica (documentary)
25/09 Il Club dei 27


The 27 Club
Il Club dei 27


2018 1h 3mins

In Italian with English subtitles

27 are the operas by the greatest Italian composers of all times. In the land of melodrama there’s an exclusive 27 Club. 27 men named after Giuseppe Verdi’s operas. They introduce themselves as Traviata, Rigoletto, Giovanna D’arco etc. From the sweet wrath of these plain-dwellers everything was evolving peacefully until an eleven-year-old child came along: he’s got their uniform, their pin – he really wants to be one of them.


Director: Mateo Zoni
Photography: Daniele Cipri’
Cast: Giacomo Anelli, Irene Carra, Noa Zatta



  • Organizzato da: IIC Londra