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Territorial Agency: The Sensible Zone

Thu 5 May—Mon 29 Aug 2022, The Curve

ICI London supports The sensible zone by the Milanese duo Territorial Agency, part of the Barbican Centre’s major exhibition of art, science, design, music and philosophy, Our Time on Earth.

Opening in May 2022, Our Time on Earth will address the Climate Emergency and will offer a radical vision for the future of all species. Told through shared interactive experiences, immersive art installations and digital works, this exhibition invites visitors to engage in an exchange of ideas to understand new perspectives of our place in the beautiful and complex ecosystem that we live in and leave feeling empowered to make positive change.

Our Time on Earth will present 18 works from 12 countries around the world, bringing together academics, architects, artists, activists, designers, ecologists, engineers, environmental campaigners, researchers, scientists, technologists, and writers, highlighting the need to work across disciplines to tackle climate change together. These will include the works of The Sensible Zone by Territorial Agency, the Italian-Finnish duo of architects and urbanists John Palmesino (Italy) and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog (Finland), founded to bring together architecture, data analysis and activism, helping to build capacity to act on complex environmental issues.

Their new work The Sensible Zone is a major multi-channel audio-visual installation presenting a scenario in 2040 where humanity is on its way to decarbonising and has started forming new ways to interact with our living planet. The scenario shows how metropolitan systems in coastal areas are changing, in connection to the sensible zone. The first version of the installation was exhibited at the 2021 Venice Biennale; it has now been integrated with new research, new data, and new imagery.

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