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“The Disobedient Ones, Six Women that Changed Art” by Elisabetta Rasy

“the Disobedient Ones”, a book by Elisabetta Rasy

A talk with Barbara Lanati

What do Artemisia Gentileschi, violated at the age of 18 by a friend of her dad, and Frida Kahlo, one of the icon of the 20th century art have in common? How can Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, exiled after the French Revolution and Charlotte Salomon, victim of Nazi persecution, come into contact? How can we compare sophisticated Berthe Morisot, protagonist of 12 of Manet’s paintings, to Suzanne Valadon and her transgressive attitude in the Belle Époque Parisian society?

Besides the obvious talent, the courage and energy to oppose the rules imposed by the circumstances, each of them in her own way copes with her frailties or external aggressions, with tenacity, resistance, restlessness and vices turned into virtues, like passion and rebellion. Reviewed by the most acclaimed press and critics, Elisabetta Rasy narrates in “Le disobbedienti” the stories of six artist paying attention to each detail from their intimate life that discloses the greatness of their destiny.


Elisabetta Rasy was born in Rome and raised between Rome and Naples; she has published a number of books of fiction and essays along her career. As a critic, she has studied different female figures from the 20th century, such as Flannery O’Connor, Elsa Morante, Marina Cvetaeva, Edith Wharton,Ágota Kristóf, Anna Maria Ortese, Jamaica Kincaid and Frida Kahlo.

Barbara Lanati is a scholar and translator, author of the volume “Vita di Emily Dickinson” (the Life of Emily Dickinson).