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1. TIL- Dialogo sulla montagna

ICI London is delighted to invite you to the next event of The Italian Library, a collaboration with Italian books unquestioned authority Ornella Tarantola, formerly manager of the Italian Bookshop. In our beautiful Montale Library, Ornella talks about books and writers, music and Sanremo, star signs and podcasts, Gadda, and Virginia Woolf.

The sixth event is on Tuesday 9 April (6.30 pm). It will be a talk about mountains between Caterina Soffici and Ornella Tarantola, plus readings by Marco Gambino.

Some identify mountains with themselves, like the climber Nives Merois, who declared “The highest mountains that she has ever climbed were the ones inside hers”. On the other hand, the Iranian alpinist Nasim Eshqui said that she found liberty on the tops of the mountains, where the oppression of the regime couldn’t find her. Someone else endured in the mountains due to her father’s decision, such as Natalia Ginsburg narrated in her Family Sayings. Then, there is Caterina Soffici who was dreaming the sea but spent a long time between mountains…

This is an in-person event and will be conducted in Italian.


  • Organizzato da: ICI London
  • In collaborazione con: Ornella Tarantola