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The Sound Between – Rooms to Explore: Candle and Jar tour

The Sound Between is dedicated to the renowned Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola and to the relations between sculpture, shape and sound in his works.

Developed by Indòru – Boutique del Suono in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in London, Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission and Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola and funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, The Sound Between is focused on Pietre Sonore (Sounding Stones), the sculptures Pinuccio Sciola created from 1996, to unveil the dynamism of sound hidden in a material traditionally confined to visual perception.

Rooms To Explore – Candle and Jar tour
Written and performed by Andrea Granitzio

On stage: a piano, a candle, some blank notes, a few pens, a jar.

Rooms to Explore is a composition for piano solo with the sounding stones, a path through imaginary rooms, physical and mental spaces in which the audience is led by the music and the dim light of a candle to the heart of their being. The Concert ends naturally at the end of the musical path, and the candle light is blown out. The Audience is then invited to write down one or more words, to express their feelings, their emotions, their thoughts on the blank notes. All notes will be folded and kept forever inside the jar: an emotional preserve. A tag with the date and place will be attached to the jar. 
Rooms to Explore is the result of a musical research focusing on the relationship between stasis and movement, differences and repetition. The Music is strongly characterised by improvisation and the performance is open to interaction with other sources of sound and/or with other musical instruments, especially those related to the geographical area and identity of the place where the concert is held. Rooms to Explore stems from the idea of sharing sound and feelings, so at the end of the concert the audience is asked to share their reaction and experience during the concert. Alternatlively some notes can be drawn by lot from the Jar and read out loud, and the authors might be asked to acknowledge their words and explain the meaning if they wish.

Rooms to Explore has been recorded on a Fazioli piano.


The Sound Between will explore the figure of Pinuccio and display the music potential of Pietre Sonore with two more events.

13 February 2020
Pinuccio Sciola – Art, Form and Sound
27 February 2020
Time Persistence – Strings and Stones Concert

The Sound Between is part of the international and interdisciplinary project Cross Cultural Identity Project IdentityLab_2, conceived by Indòru – Boutique del Suono, funded by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (IdentityLAB_2 – POR FESR 2014/2020) and aimed at disseminating Sardinian cultural identity heritage around the world by creating bridges between tradition and contemporary art.

  • Organizzato da: Italian Cultural Institute London
  • In collaborazione con: Indoru, Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola