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UN/DRESS Moving Painting by Masako Matsushita

Moving painting
Italian/Japanese dancer and coreographer Masako Matsushita at TripSpace, 339 Acton Mews, E8 4EA, London

We are very proud to support Masako Matsushita’s performance. 
It is part of BLEND IT, a night of dance and performance on Saturday 23 November 2019.

UN/DRESS is a metaphorical performance that comes from the fusion of body and object with in a moving painting. Focusing on the exploration of changes and cloth migration, keeping the natural way of dressing and undressing, the piece becomes an inquiry into the role of feminine clothing and body in modern society. The body is strongly present and at the same time absent, is the central point of unification, hourglass of time, amplifies horizons indicating a crossover.

Masako Matsushita
Italian/Japanese artist trained in dance and choreography born in 1986, Masako presented her works in several international festival such as The Erotic Cloth UK, Swallowsfeet UK, CivitanovaDanza 2.0 IT, Revnedans e Sånafest NOR, Drodesera 35° Motherlode IT. She was selected for the NID Platform 2019 with UN/DRESS MOVING PAINTING and she is involved in European projects such as Dancing Museum – The Democracy of Being – and Museum of Human E-motions as Italian representative.

Organized by TripSpace in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in London.


  • Organizzato da: TripSpace
  • In collaborazione con: ICI London