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Open Dialogo Artist Residencies Callout

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Open Dialogo Artist Residencies Callout 2024

ICI London is thrilled to announce Open Dialogo Residencies Callout. This England-Italy cultural exchange programme opened for a second round of applications in 2024, following a successful first round in 2023.

Managed by Stopgap Dance Company and commissioned by Arts Council England, the Italian Ministry of Culture (The Performing Arts department), ICI London and the British Council, Open Dialogo facilitates a bilateral cultural exchange through the sharing of knowledge and experience between disabled and non-disabled artists, producers, and venues working in England and Italy.

This edition will focus on supporting four more artist residencies for dance artists to explore inclusive approaches to disability, dance and creativity. As in the first edition, the partners will select two England-based dance artists to travel to host organisations in Italy, and two Italy-based dance artists to travel to hosts in England. For 2024, the programme will also offer the opportunity for one online-only, remote collaboration between dance artists based in the two countries.

The residencies can take place between September 2024 and April 2025.

This Calloput is available in British Sign Language: HERE.

This Callout is available in Easy Read HERE.

For more info about the programme and the guidelines for artist residencies: click HERE.